The Wallace Way

We Teach Driving Like Your Life Depends On It

Why Choose the Wallace Way of Learning How to Drive?


Did you know that the most common cause of death for a teen is in a car crash?

That’s why we teach driving like your life depends on it – because it does.

The first goal of driver education is to teach the student the knowledge necessary to make good driving decisions.

Next, the student must develop the skill set needed for driving safely.

Training the Wallace Way ensures that the new driver is prepared to avoid hazards at high speed and in the busiest traffic.

We are constantly updating the Wallace Way techniques to best prepare drivers for today’s increasingly demanding driving environment.

We teach specific driving techniques that students use to manage space and time on the road.

New drivers learn to negotiate the most difficult driving situations with confidence.

Driving today is more dangerous and more rife with distractions than ever before.

Every driver on the road is vulnerable to injury and/or death but without the proper training, new drivers are particularly dangerous to themselves and others.

Mastering the Wallace Way ensures a student is prepared to pass any driver’s test.

Because the BC Driver’s test is arguably the most difficult and comprehensive test of its kind in North America, you’ll need the best driver-training possible to help you pass!

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