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Steve Wallace: Misconceptions abound on our roads

December 13, 2019

    Victoria Royals hockey games have two intermissions. There is entertainment in both segments. There is also a planned question, usually about driving, by one of the advertisers. League Law, the sponsor, asked the audience to answer whether it… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Transportation’s electric future is here

December 7, 2019

      In the early 2000s, I got a chance to tour a Toyota manufacturing plant in Japan. The place was spotless. It was the first thing I noticed upon entry to the facility. My tour group was stellar:… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Do you have to make left turn into nearest lane?

December 3, 2019

    A letter will arrive demanding the senior attend at a doctor’s office for an in-office cognitive assessment. In fact, there might even be a letter arrive a month or so in advance announcing that the above letter will… Read More…

Steve Wallace: How the safest drivers on the road fit in

November 23, 2019

      A private detective friend of mine from Vancouver was due to meet me in Victoria. He told me to go to a well-known local restaurant, and he would meet me in the parking lot before we had… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Teaching the teachers about road safety

November 18, 2019

  We are not the only place where the deer population is listed as a quantifiable road hazard. Across North America, there is a resolve to warn drivers of not only the risk to life and limb for themselves and… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Lessons from a driving-school convention

November 13, 2019

    The annual Driving Schools Association of the Americas convention was hosted by Oklahoma City in the last week of October. The first presenter made an obvious but telling comment in the introductory remarks: “He who dares to teach… Read More…

Steve Wallace: B.C.’s driver-licensing system is unfair

November 4, 2019

    Generational disparity and inequity are the unintended consequences of the well-intentioned B.C. driver-licensing system. Here is the reality. New drivers, the vast majority of whom are teenagers, must wait a minimum of three years before gaining a full… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Cellphones a boon and bane for drivers

October 25, 2019

      One of the best communication devices ever invented is the cellphone. Do the positives of the cellphone far outweigh the negatives? How should the device be used by drivers? Recently passed provincial legislation, including increased penalties for… Read More…

Steve Wallace: A silent threat to pedestrians’ safety

October 18, 2019

    Picture yourself walking at an average pace in a mall parking lot, only to be surprised by the presence of a motor vehicle travelling silently alongside your intended path of travel. This is the reality for many pedestrians… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Readers weigh in on road safety, ICBC

October 11, 2019

        Don was robbed. He had dutifully locked his vehicle and went to the trunk to retrieve some luggage prior to checking into his hotel. His vehicle was ransacked when he returned the next morning. Many new… Read More…

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