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Suggestions for post-pandemic era

June 19, 2020

    Don had some interesting observations concerning the sensors that change traffic lights in a demand cycle, as opposed to a fixed time interval. The coronavirus threat has caused authorities to disable the push-button function for pedestrians at most… Read More…

Transport part of a massive change

June 12, 2020

      It took a while before pedestrians noticed the cyclical traffic lights, which govern pedestrian crossing signals, had been switched from demand touch to regular conventional fixed interval lights. Drivers were equally surprised to be stopped by a… Read More…

Getting around in a changed world

June 5, 2020

    Buses are running and are back to a pay-as-you-go normal. That might be the only normal for some time to come. Despite having the best safety record of all transportation options, the future is still cloudy. Will customers… Read More…

Reader Suggestions for Safer School Zones

May 29, 2020

    Gar had a suggestion that would make school zones more identifiable to drivers. He wanted to have large, easily identifiable pavement markings, with speed and distance regulation prominently displayed. This would work well in the Lower Mainland and… Read More…

Rules are different for playgrounds; signs are in effect year-round

May 15, 2020

        Here is a sample of some recent queries. Are school zones in effect during this pandemic? Good question! Technically, these zones are only patrolled during the hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on statutory school days. School… Read More…

Stranger in a very strange land

May 8, 2020

    I have been to the state of Georgia. The population is about 10 million. The population of B.C. is about half that of Georgia. Why is this worth mentioning? The differences are striking, to the extreme! The governor… Read More…

Fewer vehicles, but more speeders

May 1, 2020

  Excessive-speeding traffic tickets are on the increase. This seems odd, especially when there are fewer vehicles on our roads since the coronavirus reality. It is a novelty to have an open road ahead, at what should normally be a… Read More…

Virus brings ‘new normal’ to our roads

April 24, 2020

Who thought that walking into a bank, while wearing a mask, would be acceptable behaviour? It is now the new normal. Coronavirus has turned our world upside down. The lineup at the drive-through teller is longer than inside the bank…. Read More…

Electric cars, headlights, roundabouts

March 20, 2020

    The move to technologically advanced motor vehicles is beyond the initial stages and full on throughout many parts of North America. My recent California trip was proof beyond any doubt — one could not go more than a… Read More…

Reader roundup: Lights, lines and EVs

March 13, 2020

    Readers of this column are smart. Here are some of their replies to recent columns. Karla took issue with my suggestion that more people would likely pay attention to traffic lights if they included advertising on the light… Read More…

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