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Steve Wallace: Snow driving requires a special set of skills

January 24, 2020

  Victoria-area drivers are undoubtedly the worst winter drivers in Canada. They seldom get the opportunity to experience winter driving conditions, in what is affectionately referred to as CaliforniaNorth. Many are ill-equipped for the snow and cold, now called the… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Why should senior drivers pay for mandatory test?

January 17, 2020

      A few musings from the mailbag: Heather wants to know why there is such variation in the fees charged by doctors for the physical and cognitive exam senior drivers in B.C. must take at age 80. She… Read More…

Steve Wallace: 12 Christmas driving wishes this holiday season

January 3, 2020

      Here are 12 examples of what readers of this column want mentioned during this mobile holiday season. 1. Is it too much to ask drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and any others employing an alternate mode of transportation, to… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Thoughts on drivers sharing the road

December 27, 2019

      More responses to reader questions and comments: Dennis had two very salient points to make in his recent correspondence. The first was meant to remind motor-vehicle drivers of the increased speed capability of motorized bicycles. After sharing… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Readers reflect on making proper turns

December 20, 2019

    Year-end is a good time to respond to questions from readers that got missed in the mix. Alan reminded me that right turns on a solid red traffic light are not mandatory. Left turns in the same circumstance… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Misconceptions abound on our roads

December 13, 2019

    Victoria Royals hockey games have two intermissions. There is entertainment in both segments. There is also a planned question, usually about driving, by one of the advertisers. League Law, the sponsor, asked the audience to answer whether it… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Transportation’s electric future is here

December 7, 2019

      In the early 2000s, I got a chance to tour a Toyota manufacturing plant in Japan. The place was spotless. It was the first thing I noticed upon entry to the facility. My tour group was stellar:… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Do you have to make left turn into nearest lane?

December 3, 2019

    A letter will arrive demanding the senior attend at a doctor’s office for an in-office cognitive assessment. In fact, there might even be a letter arrive a month or so in advance announcing that the above letter will… Read More…

Steve Wallace: How the safest drivers on the road fit in

November 23, 2019

      A private detective friend of mine from Vancouver was due to meet me in Victoria. He told me to go to a well-known local restaurant, and he would meet me in the parking lot before we had… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Teaching the teachers about road safety

November 18, 2019

  We are not the only place where the deer population is listed as a quantifiable road hazard. Across North America, there is a resolve to warn drivers of not only the risk to life and limb for themselves and… Read More…

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