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Yearly Archives: 2019

Steve Wallace: Readers weigh in on alternative vehicles

July 12, 2019

  More answers to questions from readers: Wayne has some very telling suggestions concerning alternate forms of transportation mentioned in last week’s column. He believes all power-assist vehicles, whether bikes, scooters, chairs, Segways, skateboards and any other newly introduced powered… Read More…

Steve Wallace: New tech brings new licensing questions

July 5, 2019

  Let us imagine that you, the reader, are responsible for the regulation of vehicles in Canada and within the province of B.C. How do you intend to treat the various forms of relatively new and novel transportation options? We… Read More…

Steve Wallace: The smart ways to coexist on our roads

June 28, 2019

    The strangest thing happened last week when I counted how many cyclists were wearing a helmet. It was Monday morning, and there were 37 helmeted cyclists in downtown Victoria. Not a single helmetless rider was to be seen…. Read More…

Steve Wallace: How to be smart while sharing the road

June 21, 2019

Steve Wallace / Times Colonist JUNE 21, 2019 06:00 AM   Pedestrians are vulnerable and the most at risk in our traffic system. They have no protection or barrier to keep them safe. A sidewalk is their path of travel,… Read More…

Readers offer suggestions for road safety

June 20, 2019

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 14th 2019   More recent suggestions from readers: Ben wants to know why we cannot copy some South American countries, by painting school, play, speed and yield signs on the road. It seems to… Read More…

Mall parking lots loaded with hazards

June 7, 2019

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 7th 2019   Parking lots are among the most common places for the all-too-frequent fender bender. Many lots are poorly designed, with no opportunity for drive-through parking. Every vehicle must use reverse gear to… Read More…

Four wheels vs. two – who will win?

May 31, 2019

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, May 31st 2019   John Luton, the former Victoria city councilor, challenged me to a friendly competition once again. It was our fifth matchup in the car-bike race from the Esquimalt Road Tim Hortons at… Read More…

Readers have questions, Steve has answers

May 24, 2019

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, May 24th 2019     Vince is a regular reader of this column. He and other readers have been irritated by the poor driving behaviour of truckers sharing our roads. He wants truckers to stick… Read More…

Beware the May long weekend mayhem

May 17, 2019

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, May 17th 2019     Traffic experts have been trying to figure out why the May long weekend has been the most dangerous time to drive in the past few decades. Here are some thoughts… Read More…

Motorcycle season is back, so watch out

May 10, 2019

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, May 10th 2019   This week, I’ll take a look at some readers’ requested topics. It is motorcycle season! All motor-vehicle drivers should be very aware of the increasing number of motorcycles on the road… Read More…

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