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Thank you everyone for sticking with Ian.

We are all really happy he finally passed.

A special thank you to John Hawkins.

Alison Douglas


[February 17th, 2016]

Steve Wallace and staff,

I am writing on behalf of my son who recently took your driving school program.
I was very impressed with the professionalism of your company and your driving instructors.
I was also impressed to learn that your driving school teachers are qualified retired professionals that enjoy working for you.
He passed his exam with excellence and his confidence in his driving skills learned in your program will be with him for his entire life…

I highly recommend your driving school…

Thank you
Linda Dzus

[February 9th, 2016]


Big thank you to Rick for an awesome warm up and answering all of my questions.

And to all the instructors for helping me get to this point.

Thank you guys very much; no wonder my friend recommended Wallace to me, I will pass it on to other friends as well.

-Jessica Li

[November 16th, 2016]

Hi Steve and staff,

I just want to say a big thank you to all staff of Wallace Driving School, Victoria BC for the great teamwork in helping me to acquire my British Columbia (BC) Driver’s License. I am a happy customer and acknowledge the team effort.

I do however want to especially thank the following individuals:

John Hawkins
John was an affable taskmaster who never flinched in his resolve to getting things done right the right way. He was exceptional with his encouragement. He appreciated the uniqueness of my situation as an expat and sometimes in his bid not to be a hard taskmaster was almost apologetic of his expectations for me during a lesson. That was very human and admirable.
John was personal and assuring like a parent. He always acknowledged mistakes but most importantly encouraged your attempts at getting things right.  John helped a lot with my confidence behind the wheels.

Wade Greenwood
Wade was a phenomenal instructor. He was quite a taskmaster. A stickler for hard work and results. What was most outstanding about Wade was his preparedness to go over and beyond himself. He gave you reasons to trust in his methods.
During my lessons Wade took me Down Town, Victoria to experience “the crazy” traffic flow at night. He also gave me my first parking arcade experience as a driver and gave numerous clues on how to be a defensive and safe driver.

With these trips Down Town he wanted me to:
1.       Challenge myself more
2.       See the impact and reasons for road signs at first hand and the requirements of ICBC
3.    Have a parking experience in a parking arcade.
Wade was perhaps the only instructor who was preparing me for the “after life” of the Road Test (with the parking arcade experience). He was anticipating various scenarios in driving and was putting me in readiness for them.

To top it off Wade sent me a text message the morning of the test day to wish me good luck and remind me of  things to look out for on the test. The gesture was rather humbling. Simple things like this mean a lot.

For me, this is what legendary customer service is all about and Wade delivered on that exceptionally.

Thank You.

Charles Baidoo.

[September 17th, 2016]

Hello there,

Not sure if this message will get to John, who was my son’s instructor, I hope it does because Nathan just did his driving test this morning and we are so happy to say he passed.

We would like to thank John who has been his instructor all along and we had requested him because he made Nathan feel very comfortable.

Thank you for being a great teacher. Nathan thoroughly enjoyed having you as an instructor and for building his confidence.

We will recommend you to anyone looking for lessons.

Thanks again, John, for teaching Nathan so well.

Sandra Anderton

[March 30th, 2016]

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