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Graduated Licensing Program GLP

Our driver education course approved by ICBC takes 37 hours to complete and consists of the following:

  • 16 – 18 hours in the classroom
  • teen 8 hours e-learning, including driver simulations done on home computer, certification upon completion.
  • 12 hours in the vehicle


  • A training car for the test is included.
  • Successful completion within 365 days of the learner phase entitles a learner two High School credits
  • The student may be eligible to a six-month reduction off their “N” if the student remains at fault crash free and point free for 18 months.
  • Theory sessions totaling 3 days in small classes are designed to meet the student’s schedule.

TeenSmart certification is recognized by all insurance companies in North America for a discount (except ICBC).

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Our Guarantee

Provided the student logs 40 hours of practice with either DrivingBuddy (a mobile application which automatically tracks and documents a student’s drives) or Schedule2Drive (our online scheduling system, which includes a driving log), any extra coaching or testing necessary to have the student licensed (excludes any fees paid to ICBC) will be at no additional cost to the student.

Enhanced and Super GLP Courses Include:

For those with no or limited co-pilot practice.

  • 8 additional hours in-car 20 hours in total
  • 18 additional hours in-car (Super GLP) 30 hours in total

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Driving Lessons:

In Car Package 1

  • 6 hours in-car: 4 – 1.5 hour lessons, may qualify for test package*

In Car Package 2

  • 9 hours in-car: 6 – 1.5 hour lessons, qualifies for the test package*

In Car Package 3

  •  12 hours in -car: 8 – 1.5 hour lessons, qualifies for the test package*

In Car Package 4

  • 21 hour in-car: 14 – 1.5 hour lessons, qualifies for the test package*

* With instructor(s) approval

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Test Package for qualified students
  • WDS will make the road test appointment with ICBC
  • 1.5 -hour mandatory review and warm up before test
  • Use of a WDS car for 1 hour during the test
  • Pick-up & drop-off is included

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