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My Learner Driver’s Licence will expire soon. Can I renew it or do I have to do the computer knowledge test again?

Your Learner Driver’s License is good for 2 years. If your Learner’s Licence expires, you will need to take the computer knowledge test again.

As an inexperienced untrained driver, how long will it take me to learn to drive?

To suit the specific learning needs/style of each student, our instructors assess their entry-level and, using the progressive lesson system, move the student towards being a confident, licensed driver.

How long does the entire GLP course take?

Students must complete the GLP course within 1 year of their first lesson and the GLP course cannot be completed in less than 2 weeks. Students learn at different rates and in different ways, however, the length of time a brand-new driver takes to master the skills needed to be a safe and competent driver can vary. Taking lessons over several seasons is ideal.  The best drivers are trained through the winter.

The driver education course approved by ICBC offered by Wallace Driving School Consists of 37 hours consisting of:

  • 16-18, hours in the classroom,
  • 8 hours e-learning, including driver simulations done on home computer, and
  • 12 hours in the vehicle.
  • Training car for test included

What driving skills will I learn while training The Wallace Way?

Wallace Driving School prepares students to be confident and safe defensive drivers on the road. Our patient and experienced instructors will teach, enhance and correct your driving skills and ensure that you learn the following:

  • Basic controls of the vehicle
  • Preliminary inspection of the vehicle
  • Parking for every situation
  • Space cushion driving
  • Emergency skills
  • Collision avoidance
  • Hazard avoidance
  • Bad weather driving skills
  • Rush hour driving

Can I drive alone with my letter ‘L’?

No, you cannot. As a learner, you must be accompanied by a supervisor who is 25 years or older and holds a valid class five B.C. drivers licence or with a professional driving school instructor. One other person may be in the car at that time.

As a new driver where can I drive with my letter ‘N’?

You can drive anywhere with your letter “N” but you must obey the following novice driver restrictions:

  • You can carry one unrelated passenger and as many family members as there are seat belts in the vehicle.
  • Do not drink alcohol before driving – you must have absolute zero blood alcohol content.
  • You must always clearly display the letter “N” on the back of your car.

Despite the fact that “N” drivers are permitted to carry more than one passenger, the likelihood of a fatal crash occurring increases by nearly 40% for novice drivers with multiple passengers.

Where can I practice for the computerized knowledge test?

Free sessions are offered monthly at Wallace Driving School

The 1st and 3rd Monday of the month 6:30 to 8:30. Call to register 250-383-7483.

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What is your company's return policy?

Refunds are available upon request for instructional time not completed.
Funds will be returned at the non-discounted rate and will include a $10 administration fee.

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